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"SHOWING UP" is about Self-Responsibility. Showing up for your boxing classes is about taking responsibility for YOUR fitness and wellness. This is not always easy. Sometimes we have to master our thoughts and emotions before class, in order to tackle our body/mind and boxing skills in class. If an episode of ‘Stinking Thinking’ is interfering with SHOWING UP you have 2 choices:

Choice #1 : Try to fix your mindset, change your channel, think about or remember how GREAT YOU WILL FEEL after your class…

Choice #2: Suck it up. Grab your gym bag and GET YOUR ASS TO CLASS regardless of how unmotivated or uninspired you feel. Just doing it will give you the satisfaction of honoring your 8 week commitment to YOURSELF and PHOENIX BOXING. In addition you will cultivate discipline and determination.


The late Dr. Sean Egan was a one of my mentors and teachers. Sean’s Holistic Approach to Wellness included 6 principles – the 1st being SELF-RESPONSIBITY.



He believed that SELF-RESPONSIBILITY was at the center of wellness growth. Thus, assuming greater responsibility for one’s quality of life by making positive lifestyle decisions. Under this model, the heart of SELF-RESPONSIBILTY included 4 basic components – one of them being; CONSCIOUS COMMITMENT.

From Sean’s book ‘The Psychology of Health: In Pursuit of Wellness 3rd Edition’

“Conscious Commitment means I have an active sense of accountability for my own wellness. Self-responsibility in wellness means active involvement, active commitment: I commit myself to do the best I can. Commitment means understanding how choices affect the daily quality of your life”

“ Individuals must realize that they themselves control 90% of the variables that influence their health, and NO DOCTOR, no matter how skilled can ‘improve’ one’s health.”

GETTING YOUR ASS TO CLASS consistently is SELF-RESPONSIBILITY in action! Your path to PHOENIX BOXING classes and ‘improved’ fitness and wellness is literally a ‘road’ - biked, driven, bused or walked. Whether it will be a ‘road’ lots traveled or less traveled, is ultimately YOUR responsibility, no one else’s.

Chris  Weissbach

Head Coach 

Phoenix Boxing

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