Phoenix Boxing Academy represents the dedication to continuous improvement. We strive to improve our skill, strength and conditioning every single training session. We don't believe in overnight success or taking the path of least resistance. We understand the process of 300 reps to learn and 10,000+ to master. We believe in works in progress, the value in our mistakes, and rising from the ashes of our failures. In falling down 7 times and getting up 8. We know our minds must be stronger than our feelings on more days than not. We show up regardless of what obstacles may be placed in our path to personal excellence because our biggest challenges lead to our biggest breakthroughs. We get our ass to class, sweat our prayers and go to heaven because we punch like hell.

Boxing Gloves

Phoenix Boxing Gym

Phoenix is a privately owned business operating within the City of Ottawa's Champagne Fitness Centre at 321 King Edward Avenue. We are a unique non-competitive (no sparring) Boxing Training Gym, offering courses (Levels I-VII) in our unique 8-Week Skill, Strength & Conditioning System where the only opponent is YOU!


Ignite Your Inner Fire

Phoenix Boxing is based on traditional boxing techniques, drills & skills including intervals of speed bag, heavy bag, shadow boxing, skipping and bodyweight strength/resistance movements. Improve muscle tone, strength and conditioning, balance, coordination, confidence and relieve stress all at the same time. REJUVINATING YOU IN POWERFUL WAYS!


8 Week System

Each course consists of 8 classes (1x/week) using Phoenix Boxing's scientifically periodized (systematic progression) training system. You will learn traditional boxing techniques, drills and skills and practice them repeatedly - focusing on your body - mind harmony.


Structured Courses

LEVELS I - VII Courses will progress weekly in regard to skill sets, drills and training intensity. Classes will consist of circuit training stations in 2-3 minute intervals/rounds consisting of skipping, shadow boxing, heavy bag, speed bag & reflex bag (Levels III-VII).


Phoenix Boxing Coaches

Phoenix Boxing Coaches started as Level 1 Boxers and have all demonstrated a years-long commitment to excellence in their many years of training. All our coaches have proven their skills and commitment to the art of boxing through achieving certification in the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP).

Giving Back

Giving Back

Every member of our team has had their life improved by the art of boxing, and are committed to spreading their love of the art. We have each benefitted tremendously from our understanding of boxing, and so give back by spreading it to every member of our sessions.

Not your average kick-boxing, boxercise, or Tae Bo workout.
Not your typical 'warm-and-fuzzy' fitness program.
Not an open-ended, ongoing fitness CLASS that lacks weekly progressions.
Not quanitity; cramming large or unlimited participants into a room.
Not a rarely-used flexible membership, or a pass that is utimately a waste of money.
Not the "Status-Quo" - Cheap prices for a mediocre workout.
Phoenix Boxing's style and system is completely unique and original.
You will work hard. You will sweat. But, you will ENJOY it and you'll get results!
Phoenix Boxing focuses on QUALITY. Our courses are limited to 12 boxers.
Phoenix Boxing courses are STRUCTURED and require A COMMITMENT.
Phoenix Boxing's course fees are WORTH IT! Our specialized training is money well spent!
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