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Our boxers' Testimonials

Chris at Phoenix boxing is an amazing coach and runs an amazing program. If you are looking for a new skill to learn while getting a challenging workout, this is the place. Chris will gradually add more to your regiment as you become more experienced in boxing. No matter what though, you will not be bored, and you will get a good sweat going. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a new sport, new workout, new challenge. Even if you are just thinking about it, just jump in it, it's totally worth it.
star star star star star
Alexandre L
I have been going to Phoenix Boxing for nearly 5 years, and I have had a great and fun workout every time. Using boxing drills in an interval training format makes for a demanding work out that allows you to learn many different boxing skills. From working on the heavy bag to skipping rope (a tough drill!) to producing the fun zipping sound of the speed bag, the work out also features strength exercises and shadow boxing, and it finishes with the stress-releasing punch out! Chris, the owner and head trainer, and all the other coaches will help you every step of the way! I encourage everybody to try Phoenix Boxing!!!
star star star star star
André L
Fantastic place to get a great workout and learn some great skills. The student/coach ratio is practically like you have your own personal boxing coach!
star star star star star
Barry L
Professional, detailed, and fun coaching for everyone! I've been with Phoenix Boxing Academy for 8 years now. I've tried other gyms, but I always come back to PBA for the variety of programs they offer, and their love of the sport/martial art of Boxing, and the care and attention they offer to their members.
star star star star star
Cristina K
Absolutely wonderful place to learn all the boxing skills and techniques you need without the stress and craziness of 1:1 fighting. My 14 year old son loves it, thank you so much for all your hard work!
star star star star star
Coaches are very qualified, management (Chris) is excellent, and this is a hell of a workout! No need to want to become a boxer, this is just one complete workout suitable to everyone.
star star star star star
Felix B
Vary your weekly workouts with boxing training. Challenging but lots of fun!
star star star star star
Francois L
I've been boxing with Phoenix since 2019 and I still love every class! The developmental nature of the program means I always have something to strive for, and the interactive coaching is fantastic. Every class makes me stronger and more motivated.
star star star star star
Jeannie H
I started at Phoenix in January 2023 and immediately encouraged my daughter and friends to join because it was such a positive experience. The coaching is professional and second-to-none, the community of coaches and boxers is accepting and encouraging, and the workouts are amazing - while you sweat hard, you don't notice the hour flying by. I had no previous boxing experience when I started, but with the coaches' help, I was able to set goals and develop skills to move from one level to another. Chris also easily made adjustments to exercises at specific stations for me to accommodate a past surgery as well as a shoulder injury that occured during the last round, ensuring that I haven't ever had to sit out of class. The high quality of the PBA programming and coaching and the resulting positive impact of these on both my physical and mental health have made attending class a priority and a pivotal part of my week.
star star star star star
Jennifer B
Great place to work out
star star star star star
Joel C (Joe)
I have been taking private lessons with Chris at Phoenix Boxing Academy for the last 5 years. Chris is committed to providing a challenging and fulfilling training environment. As a former university sport athlete, I truly appreciate Chris' approach to coaching. He is patient, flexible and cares about your progress. This is a fantastic, highly engaging workout that I would recommend to anyone looking for a fun challenge!
star star star star star
Jules A
Chris and his team are always a good bunch to deal with and push you to drive results! I also have friends that have attended classes and I constantly hear good things. If you're looking for a spot to train or just get in shape, Phoenix Boxing is a spot you should definitely check out!
star star star star star
Kyle S
The best workout you can get in an hour. Perfect blend of fitness, strength, and boxing technique training. I have recommended Phoenix Boxing Academy to countless friends and family. Small class sizes means you get lots of time on the various stations and lots of attention from the coaches to help you develop your skills. The charity work PBA does with CHEO is an important and valuable contribution to the community. This is a great organization and and excellent boxing academy.
star star star star star
Louis D
life's lessons everyone should know and experience
star star star star star
marvin c
Excellent place to work on boxing skills and fitness! I've been boxing with them since 2012, and I've been hooked since Day 1. Chris and the other coaches are phenomenal at introducing complete amateurs to the techniques of boxing while also pushing experienced boxers to give more than 100% each time they show up for a session. I also love the variety of boxing skills you learn: skip rope variations, shadow boxing, speed bag styles, and of course, heavy bag combos. It's tough, for sure, but it's a good balance of setting your own goals and then being pushed to hit those goals too. You feel very proud of what you've put in after each week, that's for sure. And the fitness/strength you gain can't be beat. People from absolutely every age and athletic/physical ability come to the gym and leave sweating and satisfied with their workout. Great gym culture, too. Non-judgemental and super supportive - you feel like you've not only accomplished your goals as an individual but also as a group too. Give it a shot! You'll be surprised how much you love it.
star star star star star
Michael B
I was looking for a way to keep up my boxing while in Ottawa for a month. I was very fortunate to find the Phoenix Boxing Academy! It's a top-notch boxing school located near downtown. Coach Chris offers rigorous circuit training with clear technical instructions for rookies and vets alike (Levels 1-6). The circuits are challenging and help develop the full range of boxing skills while giving you a tough workout. I saw improvements in my form in just 3 weeks and enjoyed each class. I highly recommend it!
star star star star star
michele l
Been going there for years. Can’t say enough about it.
star star star star star
Nicholas M
This is the best exercise regime I have ever found. Great to learn a skillset that engages you both physically and mentally. The coaching philosophy is inspiring and the coaches are very motivating and friendly. Great value for money and they have free trials too!
star star star star star
Norman H
Great club, Chris is terrific. He's patient, and is really a wonderful coach. I've been going now for 8 years!
star star star star star
Peggy B
Great idea to sweat fat away by punching bags; it's a good combination of endurance and strength training and you can punch the bag as hard as you like (if you last for an hour). It's also positive encouragement and not boot-camp yell in your face. 5 stars!
star star star star star
Phil N
Phoenix boxing is such a great place to train!!! Awesome and experienced coaching staff that guide you through the basics of boxing and to elevate your game as you progress through their program which is suited for beginners up to advanced boxers. Highly recommend this place to everyone looking for a good work out where egos are left out the door and everyone in the classroom is supportive of each other!! GYATC B4BL
star star star star star
Pier-Luc M
Great place to work out and get in shape. Definitely recommend this to anyone trying to learn boxing techniques.
star star star star star
Excellent program with engaging, knowledgeable and experienced coaches. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is interested in developing boxing skills or simply just getting a great workout in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. I would give it 10 stars if there was an option to.
star star star star star
Roman L
This is a complete workout. Come in at your speed and build on a positive outcome. Thank you Phoenix Boxing !
star star star star star
Serge B
What a fantastic way to work out, develop skills, and feel great in both body and soul! And Chris is a fabulous coach - I started with no skills at all and I'm getting stronger and better with each round.
star star star star star
Sharon B
I have been boxing with Phoenix for 6years and I love it! If you’re looking to sweat and learn a new skill, this is the perfect program. Highly recommend for any level.
star star star star star
Tegan W
The best thing that could have ever happened to me. If you love Boxing and want to get in shape and commit yourself from level I up to VII, this is the place for you. I was a member of the Beaver Boxing Club in the 70s. (2 Years) Had three fights at the Beaver Boxing Club in Ottawa when the Club was situated at Lansdown Park. If you want to keep in shape, learn how to Box and do circuit training with an excellent coach, go to Pheonix. I no longer need to go in the ring, so this is the perfect place. Beaver was an introduction; Pheonix is teaching me how to Box.
star star star star star
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Phoenix Boxing Academy represents the dedication to continuous improvement. We strive to improve our skill, strength and conditioning every single training session. We don't believe in overnight success or taking the path of least resistance. We understand the process of 300 reps to learn and 10,000+ to master. We believe in works in progress, the value in our mistakes, and rising from the ashes of our failures. In falling down 7 times and getting up 8. We know our minds must be stronger than our feelings on more days than not. We show up regardless of what obstacles may be placed in our path to personal excellence because our biggest challenges lead to our biggest breakthroughs. We get our ass to class, sweat our prayers and go to heaven because we punch like hell.

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