Coaches & Team

 OUR MISSION: Coaching the WORLD;
To feel, perform, and look better ONE boxer at a time.

We limit our class sizes to 12 boxers for a reason - to ensure the best coaching.

Our coaches and staff are committed to their excellence and yours. 

Your Phoenix Boxing Coaches

Your Phoenix Boxing Coaches started as Level 1 Boxers and demonstrated a commitment to excellence in their years of training. They have chosen to take the step into coaching which involves intensive programs in personal fitness, sparring, sports psychology and training in partnership with the National Coaching Certification Program.

Phoenix Boxing Coaching is about giving back, sharing what one has learned as a Phoenix Boxer. Phoenix Boxing Coaches practice what they preach, ensuring quality teaching, coaching, professional and personalized service.

Chris Weissbach, C.E.P., N.C.C.P

Founder/Owner, Head Coach & Exercise Physiologist

Bella Anderson, R.H.N., N.C.C.P.

Level 1 Coach & Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Kent Guindon, N.C.C.P.

Level 6 Coach

Brent Cunningham, N.C.C.P.

Level 6 Coach

Joel Rank, N.C.C.P.

Level 3 Coach

Kevin Lennie, N.C.C.P.

Level 1 Coach

Cris Heletea, N.C.C.P.

Level 1 Coach

Peter Smith, N.C.C.P.

Level 1 Coach

Sabrina Chamberlain

Level 1 Coach


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